Assorted Carrier Net Pictures

George N2JJE  (SK)                       Harold W2PFS (SK) and XYL Juanita                                  Bill W2PX (SK)         Jane, XYL of W2PX  

            Steve W2SFM                               Judy KC2MIC, XYL of  W2SFM                      Cliff K2SKO and Bob KC2GI

             K2BUF and XYL Loretta                            W1USE (SK) & Barbara             
     WB2JQJ                                    Rose KA2AOK, XYL of WB2JQJ                           W2BEW        

        W2RXL                                               W2RXL's XYL                               Elaine - KA1TWV

W2CSN                                     W2CSN's XYL                           Bernie AA2QV 

KA2FEH SK                          N2YQZ SK                                W2WBB SK

                       W2EXY  SK                                         WB3JKV                                   Bob KC2GJ and XYL Marj

N2AIA Gutsh                                W2VFH Fran                                      W2VFH XYL Audrey

K2ELR                                                    Bill W2BLC                                             Francis WF2H

Rick KD2LE                                     W2TBZ (SK)                      Fran & Audry on their 60th

Brad KD1BL                             Dick W2RWA                                 Loren N2LSJ
Tom K2QMU and XYL                                                Dick N2OUX                                               KC2VMF Jim and Wendy

Ray K2RND and Ellen KC2UQI                                            Bobbie AA2JO and Lois WA2RXO SK

W2SFM's Place

Steve's shack - W2SFM

Gene W2EAJ and Jim VE3GAG - in Gene's shack


Harold W2PFS (SK)                                                           W2PFS (SK) in 1980




 Fran & Audrey, John Deere Gator (2008)

W2PX (SK) Shows German Key - at the Carrier Net 2008 Picnic

Hank's shack - W2RXL

Francis' shack - WF2H

Bill's shack - W2PX  (SK)                                                                      W2PX (SK) TV station

Uncle Bill's shack - W2BLC

W2RWA's shack

Don WB3JKV's Florida shack

W2EXY's shack

K2RND's shack


 Chuck N2CHD

Carrier Net 2015 Picnic

Carrier Net 2014 Picnic

Carrier Net 2013 Picnic

Carrier Net 2010 Picnic

Carrier Net 2009 Picnic

Carrier Net 2008 Picnic

several of the attendees - at the Carrier Net 2008 Picnic

Carrier Net Picnic 2006

Carrier Net Picnic 2005

2004 Carrier Net Picnic

2002 Carrier Net Picnic

Carrier Net Picnic 2001

Carrier Net Picnic 1997 (see below for legend)

Carrier Net Picnic 1996

Carrier Net Picnic 1995

Carrier Net Picnic 1993 at Tupper Lake Park

Carrier Net Picnic 1984 at the Tupper Lake Motel

Carrier Net Picnic 1983 at the Tupper Lake Motel

Net History

Recently Brad KD1BL found an envelope containing a copy of the original Carrier Net bylaws. Although no
longer applicable, the text is interesting and shows the planning and thinking that went into the original organization of the Carrier Net.