Based upon recent net discussions, the following changes have been made to the operations of the Carrier Net:
1. The Carrier Net is a social Net - no paperwork needed - as in no tax status at all. There are no by-laws or similar.
2. No membership dues or fees are required.
3. The net has no ARRL affiliation and is not a traffic net - hence, no monthly reports will be made to the ARRL.
4. The position(s) of secretary and/or treasurer has/have been eliminated - as no funds are maintained and the net manager handles memberships.
5. The net manager will give out membership numbers - membership certificates will be provided by the webmaster.
6. The membership list will be managed by the net manager and reported on the website (members can print same from the website).
7. To become a member, provide a log of five check-ins over a thirty (30) day period (with dates and NCS callsigns) to the net
    manager and request net membership (USPS, email, or on the air). The webmaster will issue a net membership certificate.

Pauline N2KKL has generously offered to be the net's Social Contact for sending greetings and cards when needed. She will accept small donations
for stamps, cards, etc.

Other changes, as they are needed or desired, will be discussed openly on the air and acted upon as member comments indicate - as directed by the general guidance of the net manager.